Value Proposition

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Value Proposition

For organizations and businesses who want to understand the flow of people in the real world, sensor six provides a low-cost flexible way to quantify human activity that allows organizations to understand the effect of their actions in the real world

Short Description

We want to help businesses and organizations better understand their surroundings by providing ambient intelligence. Today, if you want to know the volume and flow of people and traffic at a particular point, you can either hire someone to start counting, buy the data if it exists, set up radars, pneumatic tubes or laser or hire a specialized company to install proprietary cameras. This will run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that has to be paid up front. With Sensor Six we charge a flat fee of $100 dollars per month.

Sensor Six is a system that extracts information from images about human activity. This could be the number of people in a store, the proportion of cars, trucks and bicycles at selected locations over the course of a day, week or month. With sensor six you can’t need to set up expensive radars, pneumatic tubes or proprietary cameras, we work with any image feed you can provide, or we can set up our one at a fraction of the cost of any alternative out there.

How it Works

  1. Specify a camera source - we can work with existing image feeds or set up new ones. we just need to know where to get the data
  2. Collect data - Images are sampled at a fixed interval and analyzed by our machine learning algorithms to extract observations about what can be seen in the image, for example the number of cars, trucks, persons, bi-cycles etc.
  3. Analyze data - start understanding the flow of human activity around us