Product tour

Features screen

Create feature list

To get started you need to create a list of proposed features. If you work in an agile environment you may call them user stories and the feature list is a backlog. If you have them in an excel sheet or another system, simply import them into Sensor Six.

Evaluation criteria screen

Choose evaluation criteria

Choose the different criteria to evaluate your product by, like customer value and usability. Select how you will measure cost. Is it in development hours, capital investment or story points if you work in an agile team?

Collaborate screen

Collaborate with others

Select the different stakeholder groups you want to involve in your decision and get input on precisely the areas they know something about. Ask customers about value and engineers about estimates. Use our customer panel to get guaranteed customer feedback from the segments you need.

Collaborate screen


Now you have all the input and only need to find out what is best to develop. Adjust the Weights of criteria, create scenarios, spot features that don't provide much value, intelligently allocate your available funds, manually force in or out features and create the perfect road map or sprint plan.

Collaborate screen


Paste graphs to the wall and share it with your team or stakeholders to provide a reference for what you decided to build. Export it to powerpoint for presentation purposes.