Bluegarden – Deciding Which Standard Reports to Develop

By using Sensor Six we get a larger certainty that we are developing the right things
Henning Andersen, Product Strategy Manager, Bluegarden


Bluegarden Every month, more than 2.3 million Scandinavians receive their paychecks through solutions provided by Bluegarden. As part of their service they wanted to develop a number of different standard report packages for their customers, but didn’t know which ones made the most sense.


Bluegarden used Sensor Six to get input from central customers in their customer panel, other customers, sales people and customer consultants. This provided them with a detailed view on how the different groups saw the importance for reports revealing big differences between what the customers saw as important and the company. Integrating this insight with estimates from their implementation partner provided a before unknown visibility into what was most cost efficient to develop. This helped eliminate wasted development and delivering what the customers actually wanted.


Our focus is always our customers and their needs. With Sensor Six, we collaborated with industry professionals to develop functionality and features.

With easy set-up and minimal effort, Sensor Six enables you to understand the value and potential of each new planned functionality. Sensor Six simply helps you analyze and prioritize. You’ll get the evidence based rationale for your project, before you get started. Plus you’ll be more accurate with your estimates and more successful with delivering value. All of this results in more revenue and more success for you and your business.

The flexible functionality and robust features provide customized choices to meet your needs while also providing more in-depth reporting and analytics. For example, you can review more complex situations by adding additional dimensions, such as internal stakeholders’ input. Choose this dimension if you need to further analyze your anticipated results with input from consultants, product managers and sales reps. Or you can focus on finances by opting to use the cost dimension. Above all, you’ll get the support to achieve maximum return on investment for your development dollars while providing the most value for your customers. Sensor Six gives you confidence that you’re developing the right things in the right way.

Henning Andersen, Product Strategy Manager, Bluegarden

Coop – Massive Engagement of Stakeholders in Prioritising

Using Sensor Six allowed us to engage a much richer group of stakeholders than was ever feasible before. This secures direct involvement and buy in from users
Michael Skat Mikkelsen, Enterprise Architect, Coop IT



Coop is Denmark’s largest retailer and has 40.000 employees. Making it possible for them to access enterprise applications on their own devices is a good way of optimizing use of IT resources. But the employees are a very diverse group and it is difficult to know precisely what the different employee groups need to do and what devices they would like to use.


Sensor Six made it possible to get detailed input from these diverse stakeholder groups about what use cases were important to them and what devices they used. This could be broken down by stakeholder group to drill down and see exactly what the needs were in different parts of the business. This information allowed Coop to plan a road map and it allowed them to chose the right BYOD solution and implement the right features to optimally support the needs of the workforce. Ultimately resulting in a cheaper implementation since only 60% of the proposed features were necessary.

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