SensorSix is for Product Managers, CTOs and others who are responsible for developing and designing products.

We have developed products in many different contexts for more than a decade, but we always felt we missed a tool to help us engage stakeholders in deciding exactly what to build, before we started building. This is why we built Sensor Six. This is the tool we needed and the tool we use daily for small decisions like, which variation of a wireframe is best, to larger ones defining the roadmap for our product.

The story behind the names is this: Human beings have five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. But contrary to other species we also have a sixth sense: collaboration. This is an emergent sense that does not reside in any individual. Some call it the wisdom of crowds. We can use this wisdom of crowds to sense things that no individual would be able to. SensorSix is built around the idea of making a sensor that can harness and amplify this sense with regard to decisions and problem solving.

- The SensorSix Team

61 Percent of all product development fails or is challenged.

The 2nd largest reason is lack of stakeholder involment (the biggest is lack of executive support)

86 percent of companies find it difficult to involve stakeholders
Source: CHAOS Manifesto 2013

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